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Namaste India,
I am very confident this message will fill you with good strength and passion. It is with great pleasure and a sense of purpose that I reach out to you as the chairman and founder of the National Institute of Stock Market Courses (NISMC). In the vibrant image of our India, every citizen has a significant role, and I am very much excited to share the vision that involves all of us in formative a financially empowered and developed India.

Our vision is very clear like our tagline “अब STOCK MARKET सीखेगा INDIA”. NISMC is not just an institution; It is a catalyst of change, a centre of knowledge and a platform to endorse financial literacy. Our mission goes beyond the opportunity of stock market education; It is about preparing every citizen with the tools and knowledge essential to navigate the dynamic landscape of the financial markets.

As we all know that financial education is our most powerful and game changer weapon in the journey of economic empowerment. At NISMC, we are committed to providing top-level courses and resources that empower you with the skills to recognize, participate and excel in the stock market. We believe that financial literacy is not a luxury but a vital right and we are dedicated and committed to making this knowledge available to all of you.
As our country stand at the junction of extraordinary economic opportunities today, I impulse you all to grab this opportunity. The stock market, often seen as a multifaceted area, has vast potential for growth and wealth creation. Through our courses and initiatives, NISMC is here to illuminate the world of stocks, investments and financial development, ensuring you can make right decisions for your career in financial market and a secure financial future.

I invite you to join hands with NISMC in this journey towards financial empowerment. Let us collectively bridge the gap between goal and achievement by turning our dreams “economically rule the world” into tangible authenticities. Your active participation, curiosity and commitment to learning will not only shape your financial and career destiny but contribute to the economic strength of our nation.

Thank you all for being an important part of this exciting journey. Let us together build an economical leader, developed and prosperous India.

Amit Jaiswal
Chairman, NISMC (National Institute of Stock Market Courses)

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