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About The “PDSM” Professional Diploma in Stock Market is an intensive and comprehensive program designed to empower participants with advanced knowledge and skills essential for success in the dynamic career of stock markets. This course goes beyond the basics, delving into advanced technical analysis, fundamental analysis, options chain, derivatives strategies, risk management techniques, financial investment, mutual fund investment, broking operations and their revenue drive and the intricacies of market psychology and behavioural finance. Led by expert faculty members and industry practitioners, the program offers a hands-on learning experience through practical exercises, real-time market simulations, case studies and industry-relevant projects. Participants will gain insights into global market trends and opportunities, enhancing their ability to perform in stock market career. With a focus on practical and theory practice, this Advanced Diploma equips individuals with the expertise required to financial markets industry and opens doors to diverse career opportunities in the field.

The PDSM is advance stock market course with 100% job placement record in financial institutions, Broking houses, Corporates, Banking industry. Candidate will get a successful growth path in Indian stock market and also in international stock market. Job in broking industry is highly reputed and white collar. Stock market is a centre of all businesses which give wide knowledge of business understanding. Working in the stock market involves continuous learning and intellectual stimulation. Analysing market trends, interpreting financial data, and making informed decisions in a fast-paced environment contribute to a wonderful work experience. “PDSM” allows individuals to take on an entrepreneurial role, whether through independent trading, managing investment portfolios, or establishing financial advisory services. The market provides a platform for those with an entrepreneurial spirit to build their own business within the financial sector. The stock market operates on a global scale, offering professionals the opportunity to stay abreast of international financial trends and developments. This global exposure provides a broader perspective. This industry offers a wide range of career paths, from financial analysis and investment banking to portfolio management and risk assessment. Professionals in the stock market play a crucial role in the economy by facilitating capital allocation, supporting businesses, and contributing to economic growth.

“PDSM” cover advance level of all four market segments Capital market, Derivatives Market, Currency market and Commodities market. It’s covered all broking operations, this course gives deep knowledge of technical analysis, Fundamental analysis, Option strategies, Research analysis, investment advisor, Mutual Fund which is highly demanded in banking and broking industries.

In this course candidate get practical and theoretical both knowledge of share market, course covered 12 modules included 10 certifications of SEBI and Exchanges which give candidate a right and ethical direction in stock market career, 1 module of broking operations and industrial training which give you wide understanding of broking and bank business model and 1 module of corporate training include grooming, PD sessions and Interview or registration preparation. Overall, The “PDSM” covered advance level knowledge and training of share market and provide candidate a successful growth path in stock market industry.

Program Highlights

Job Opportunities


Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Educational Qualification12th & above
(consult to our counselor for better understanding)
Minimum Age16+

Fee Structure

Fee in Installments

DetailsAmount (Excluding GST)
Registration Fee₹ 25,000
Monthly Fee (10 Months)₹ 8,500

One Time Fee

DetailsAmount (Excluding GST)
One Time Fee₹ 85,000

Course Duration – 12 Months

Fee Structure

DetailsAmount (Excluding GST)
Registration Fee₹ 30000 
Monthly Fee (for 10 months)₹ 10000 Per Month
One Time Fee₹ 105000
Course Duration12 Months

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